Turn Your "Someday Maybe" Into Done.

Are you stuck working on other people's priorities instead of your own? Do you have a project you want to work on but can't seem to find the time?

Perhaps it's starting a podcast, launching a new product, getting your first client online, or running your first 1km - whatever it is - join us and let's make it real in 21-days.

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21-Day Challenge

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    Simon Kelly

    & Ray Milidoni

    Your "Accountability Coaches"

    Who are we?

    We freakin' love helping people to unleash the best version of themselves. From our time as consultants coaching hundreds of business owners, we discovered that accountability is an often missing piece with those that want to create change in their lives.

    Our mission is to bridge that gap and help people to achieve more than they thought was possible.

    What you get

    ✅ The 21-Day Challenge workbook

    ✅ Access to the accountability community

    ✅ The 21-Day Challenge training videos

    ✅ Group accountability coaching calls

    ✅ The "Daily Intent" action journal